...And the drift of the continents deviated, ripening earths and altering metals, sustaining the beasts of seas and forests, and halving the primitive peoples. From those times came the most ancient of prophecies, one that could bring the Old and New Worlds together, or forever keep them at war.

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Emperors and kings believed the secretive Order of the Candlestone was buried long ago, its assassins forgotten...until an eccentric resolved to revive it.


Nearly eight hundred years before Lords of Deception, Rildning joins a New World expedition, discovering betrayal, gold, and ancient prophecy.


Step out of Rildning’s journal and into conquest and exodus across the New World. His legacy will fever the dreams of kings for generations.


Having escaped the hazards of coal boring to patrol the streets as a warden, Melrid is targeted by a rebellion led by a brother she thought was dead.


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