Twitter Samples

Twitter has many writing groups including #2BitTues and #1LineWed, which post weekly themes that authors can use to share a very short sample (140 characters or less) of their work-in-progress. Below are a few of mine, excerpted from the Earthpillar books and half tales, that have been the most popular on Twitter. Weekly themes are noted below in brackets. If you don’t use Twitter, you can check back here to read new ones.

Link to my Twitter page: ChrisCFuchs

[water] Salt filled his nostrils as the cold water swirled around him. The decks above torn open with the crush of the fallen mast…

[water] Her lungs heaved as she kicked for the top. Her jaw clenched as the cold water crept into her nostrils.

[water] He didn’t fear the wide sea, vicious storms, or the yawning whirlpools of the Edgewaters. Only the smoking seas of the Far East.

[time] I once believed my time as a soldier had prepared me for the utter loneliness and desperation of this expedition. I was mistaken.

[time] The time has come to put down the quill and again pick up the spear and sword.

[fire] Look whats been won for you. A great realm was wrought yet you look into the fire for more. Mark my words, you will lose it.

[fire] He slept less nowadays, preferring to sit by the fire and read every available dispatch from other corners of the frontier

[drink] I never saw my companions. I was swept downriver, drinking and breathing the torrent until it spat me out on a gravel shoal.

[drink] I was startled when I stooped to drink from a mirrored pool. Tattered clothes, matted hair, and face weather-worn

[drink] They could hear the foreigners drinking and singing merrily at the beach. The wind smelled of burning wood and wine.

[comfort] I covet the softgrass-stuffed moccasins of the natives.Apart from comfort, their footfalls are merely a breeze on the forest floor

[comfort] Though I can’t do much more than make him comfortable and cup water for him, I’ll not leave him to the buzzards.

[earth] The forest roots had rolled the earth outward like a ripple of water. It seemed too gentle a gateway into the wild lands beyond.

[earth] Writing my thoughts keeps me sane even if these pages, like my body, are destined to be eaten by the worms of the cruel earth.

[earth] Grown more desperate, I dug with my fingers and sticks into the earth, consuming worms and beetles and grubs as I found them.

 © 2015-2016 Christopher C. Fuchs. All Rights Reserved.