20151028_AuthorPhotoChris writes epic adventure with flavors of historical fiction, fantasy, primitive, and steampunk–though his work does not fit comfortably in any of those genres.

As the owner of Loremark Publishing, he works with freelance editors and illustrators to bring his novels and short stories to life. All are set within his Earthpillar world, and he has draft and concept material for much more.

Chris takes an interdisciplinary approach to writing that is influenced by degrees in history and political science, an engineering background, and extensive travel. He initially took the genre label of epic fantasy but was never comfortable with it, given his books’ lack of magic or mythical creatures.

Instead, Chris enjoys blending adventure and political intrigue, real and fictional materials, and customized medieval and early modern technology.

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He is also active on Goodreads and you can find him drawing inspiration from the talented artists at DeviantArt.

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