Book 3 First Draft Completed

DeathLines8 (© 2014)Today I finished the first draft of Book 3, earlier than expected. The characters demanded I keep up with them, so I just rolled along. The book practically wrote itself in ten weeks (excluding early development), thanks to my sabbatical.

What happens next? I’ll let the draft marinate a while, followed by months of editing and critique from beta readers over the summer. Then I’ll post an excerpt while I’m navigating publishing options for all three books. In the meantime I’m organizing notes for Book 4 and will submit related short stories to magazines for publication.

As always, thanks for following. Though I’m not revealing much yet beyond excerpts, I hope you’re enjoying watching a budding writer’s journey. I’m having a blast as I hit my stride!

Shorts & Maps

DeathLines4 (© 2014)I mostly took a break from the novels over the past two months to write short stories. I have a novelette and five shorts currently submitted to online magazines for potential publication. A second novelette is currently being edited. All of these stories take place in the Earthpillar world.

Separately, I added two maps to the Maps page. One is a hand-drawn sketch for the first book (hopefully improved by a publisher’s illustrator one day), and the other is a production map that shows where all the current writings are located in the Earthpillar world. As you can see, the first book only touches a small slice of the continent of Pemonia.

Finally, a special thanks to those who began following my site over the past month. It’s gratifying to be able to start sharing some of my material while I continue querying literary agents and publishers.

Now, back to writing…