© 2015 Christopher C. Fuchs

Concept Art for Book 1. © 2015 Christopher C. Fuchs

My three novels (excerpts below) are set within the Earthpillar world. They have flavors of fantasy, primitive, steampunk, and historical fiction, but do not fit comfortably in any of those genres. Titles will be released prior to publication, currently planned for early 2017.

Book 1

The first novel is written as an explorer’s journal.

Craving the adventures of his past life as a colonial knight, Rildning joins an expedition to seek allies among the natives of the New World of Pemonia. When the mission goes awry, Rildning learns the true objectives: gold and blood. Betrayed by the empire and haunted by his past, he pushes on in search of a lost companion.

Rildning struggles to survive the rugged wilderness only to be taken captive by natives. By choosing to abandon his old life and enduring the natives’ trials, he earns their respect and finds a new purpose—and even love.

As the imperial legions march on the natives’ capital, Rildning discovers an ancient secret: a prophecy that could bring the Old and New Worlds together, or forever keep them at war.


Book 2

The second novel is a multi-perspective narrative (think Game of Thrones).

The empire continues to colonize the New World and Rildning struggles to unify the natives. Rildning and his companions fan out across the continent to persuade other tribes to join in a common defense, but whether they can put aside ancient rivalries is uncertain.

Elsewhere, the commander of the imperial Frontier Corps acquires Rildning’s journal (the substance of Book 1). As a result, he knows his enemy well and works to undermine Rildnings’ efforts until the Frontier Corps can reach the natives’ mountain safe haven.

While faced with the challenges of unifying the tribes, Rildning must also contend with natives who believe he should be their next high king, while others consider him to be an imperial spy.

The legacy Rildning ultimately leaves for the natives, and the new imperial provinces, will fever the dreams of kings for generations.


Book 3

The third novel is a multi-perspective narrative that takes place about eight hundred years after Book 2.

Rildning’s journal is rediscovered and used by Arasemis, an eccentric warrior-scholar, to justify the revival of a secret order of warriors known as the Order of the Candlestone. Arasemis seeks the overthrow of unelected kings and the reestablishment of political customs of the original inhabitants of the New World, but one of his protégés proves uncontrollable.

One of their targets is Valient, a young nobleman who wrestles with providing honorable service to a king widely seen as weak and ineffective. Valient considers taking the crown for himself, but does not know who to trust.

During the outbreak of a new war between kingdoms, Valient strives to navigate political intrigue while avoiding assassination by the Order of the Candlestone. Valient finds help in the most unlikely of places but learns that trust can be elusive.

(Excerpt coming in late 2016…)

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