New Excerpt Posted!

DeathLines2 (© 2018)Now that editing has progressed on Book One, I’ve posted an excerpt for it here. Enjoy!

Also of note, you may have noticed the Novels and excerpt pages have changed. After discussing with my primary editor, I’ve decided to publish the third book (written chronologically) first. The other two books (formerly known as Book 1 and 2), will be published later as a double prequel to the new Book One.

Where are the Books?

DeathLines1 (© 2018)Wow, nearly 19 months have passed since my last post. Clearly I’m not the type to provide even semi-regular updates on my progress. So, where are the books?

As mentioned before, I hired professional freelance editors, proofreaders, and concept artists to refine my work. It took time to find the right ones, work with them line-by-line on 3 novels and 4 short stories for several rounds, and set up the publishing, sales, and distribution process. So far so good.

The editing for the short stories is done, and the novels are collectively about 75% complete. I’m aiming to roll out the shorts in late 2018, and the first novel during early 2019. That’s the goal at least.

After this, I plan to do one project at a time like a normal person…