Shorts & Maps

DeathLines4 (© 2014)I mostly took a break from the novels over the past two months to write short stories. I have a novelette and five shorts currently submitted to online magazines for potential publication. A second novelette is currently being edited. All of these stories take place in the Earthpillar world.

Separately, I added two maps to the Maps page. One is a hand-drawn sketch for the first book (hopefully improved by a publisher’s illustrator one day), and the other is a production map that shows where all the current writings are located in the Earthpillar world. As you can see, the first book only touches a small slice of the continent of Pemonia.

Finally, a special thanks to those who began following my site over the past month. It’s gratifying to be able to start sharing some of my material while I continue querying literary agents and publishers.

Now, back to writing…